Wittenberg University East Asian Studies Journal

The Wittenberg University East Asian Studies Journal is a widely accepted and highly regarded journal, which is completely written, edited, and published by undergraduate students. The purpose of the Journal is to encourage undergraduates, from both Wittenberg as well as other universities, to pursue scholarly inquiry into East Asian topics, ranging from political analyses to calligraphy samples. One of two journals in the United States devoted to undergraduates, the Wittenberg University East Asian Studies Journal seeks to broaden scholarly and popular perspectives on East Asia through works of high academic quality, which are read by the local and international community alike.


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Vol 41 (2016): Spring 2016

Wittenberg University East Asian Studies Journal - Spring 2016, Volume 41 - Cover

Cover art by Linda Wang, University of Maryland, medium is Ink and Mineral Spirits. The author gives the following explanation about the piece:

This piece is the first in a series of monoprints inspired by the ambiance of Japanese nature and architecture. I had the privilege of studying abroad in Japan during the summer of 2015 and have since incorporated many aspects of Japanese culture into my work, especially with printmaking, an art form highly influenced by the Japanese. I specifically chose to make these monoprints in order to illustrate the transient nature of the images our eyes can perceive before they become memories. Unlike other forms of printmaking, with monoprints, only one copy can exists—similar to how at any given moment, there is a unique snapshot of one's field of vision that can never be repeated.


ISSN: 1066-1751