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Every year, the East Asian Studies Journal is dedicated to a Wittenberg University faculty or staff member who is actively involved in the East Asian Studies Program, promotes academic achievement and encourages students to stretch beyond their limits in their chosen fields of study. The student staff would like to dedicate this year’s issue to Dr. Ralph Lenz, our Geography teacher.

Dr. Ralph Lenz has a PhD in Geography from Rutgers University. He joined the Wittenberg faculty in 1976 after one year at the University of South Western Louisiana. Dr. Lenz initial publications in Geographical Analysis show his early focus on quantitative and theoretical research in analyzing map patterns. After taking Fulbright-Hays group trips to multiple places including India, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, Dr. Lenz became increasingly focused on regional research with South East Asia as his area of focus. Dr. Lenz has made 27 visits to Southeast Asia and has published multiple pieces on Indonesia and Vietnam. After receiving a Freeman grant which sponsored visits to Eastern China and the Silk Road, in addition to some other travel time, Dr. Lenz has visited 12 provinces in China. Using his research in China, Dr. Lenz began teaching about Chinese Geography and Chinese minority groups in the Wittenberg East Asian Studies department.

We at the East Asian Studies Journal would like to thank Dr. Lenz for his great contribution to our program and passion for sharing East Asian Studies.

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